We stopped providing Dialup Internet Service in 2006/2007.

      Dream Link Online Information Service was founded on February 21, 1992 by Brian Caouette, Dave Perreault and Rob Champagne. Dream Link started out as a Bulletin Board System (BBS) and is turned into a full featured Online Service and Internet Service Provider. Our BBS went live on the Internet in January of 1995 and provided members with enhanced level of Internet services. Our work is a never ending project as we strive to provide the best Online Service possible. Although our goal was that of a community service our low prices did not affect the quality of our feature rich service. Showing our commitment to quality service we monitored our network 24/7 and answered our phones 24 hours a day. In the event of a problem our technicians were pager dispatched and will had the service back online in no time. For your convenience we accepted Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Check, Cash, or Money Orders.

      Dream Link brought out the very best in your computer. From our BBS to our Online Service to our Dialup Internet accounts we couldn't be beat.

A brief Time Line of our History: