We stopped providing Dialup Internet Service in 2006/2007.

Introductory Wireless Rates!

Hotspot FREE

Hotspot Enhanced $4.95/mo.

Standard Package $9.95/mo.

Enhanced Package $19.95/mo.

FREE Site Survey

If you would like a FREE site survey to see if we can provide service please contact us.

E-Mail for details!


Pricing above is based on a 12-month contract term per month. A one-time charge of $125 for a basic installation, equipment included, is in addition to the monthly fees above and is payable at the time of installation. Abnormal / unusual installations will be performed on a time and material basis and will be identified at the time of the site survey. If you have any questions, please call us at 207-212-6560.

* Please note that actual speeds may vary depending on system usage at any given period of time.

Optional Services

Web Hosting - $49.95/yr.

On-Site PC Tune-up $49.95

To provide the best online experience possible, after we have installed your wireless internet service we can provide an on-site PC tune-up. This includes clean-up of your start-up programs to improve power-up and reboot time of the computer. It may also involve the removal of unnecessary software, temporary internet files, cookies, and history. Other services include registry cleaning, hard drive error checking, and disk defragmenting. Virus infection may require additional fees.